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A Quiet Hero

A Novel of Resistance in WWII France


In WWII Holland, after a national census of Jews, the Nazis arrested and murdered 75% of the Dutch Jews. In France, after a similar census, 25% of the country’s Jews were murdered. Why was France different? A Quiet Hero answers this question by telling the true story of Gen. René Carmille’s leadership in the French Resistance—the story of A Quiet Hero.

At Vichy France’s National Statistical Service (SNS), spies are everywhere. Gen. René Carmille and Miriam Dupré know that any minute they may be arrested. With Miriam’s support, Carmille, a member of the Marco Polo Resistance network, organizes the production of 20,000 false identity cards for members of the Resistance, and supplies information on demobilized French troops in Algeria, information essential to the success of the Allied invasion of North Africa. With the help of Charles, who moves through the inner circles of governments all over Europe–including the Nazi Reich–they race against time to sabotage the Nazi census and mobilize the Resistance to combat France’s Nazi death machine. History tells us they were successful, but at what cost? Miriam tells the true story of Gen. René Carmille’s leadership in the Resistance—the story of A Quiet Hero.

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What People Are Saying

“…A Quiet Hero is highly recommended not just for for World War II readers, but those who are interested in the interconnected subjects of ethics and wartime events. These audiences will find the story, characters, premises, and strong female protagonist to be thoroughly engrossing.”

—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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“A vivid, dramatic, and believable tale of  a courageous and self-effacing war hero.”

—Kirkus Reviews

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“Just when you think you’ve heard every World War II story, think again. In A Quiet Hero, Dwight Harshbarger offers a thoughtful and engaging approach to the untold story of a courageous French general who went against the tide and saved thousands of lives in the process.”

—Benyamin Cohen

author of My Jesus Year: A Rabbi’s Son Wanders the Bible Belt in Search of His Own Faith

“Supported by impressive research and a fidelity to historical fact, A Quiet Hero tells a story that might otherwise be forgotten: French hero René Carmille leads a hidden resistance to the Nazi death machine, sabotages the Nazi census, and prevents the death of thousands of Jews.”

—Geoffrey Fuller

author of Full Bone Moon and Pretty Little Killers: The Truth Behind the Savage Murder of Skylar Neese; editor and podcast host of Mared and Karen: The WVU Coed Murders

“A compelling account of an unsung battle against Nazi horrors, A Quiet Hero interweaves the intense lives of fictional characters with the true story of General René Carmille, a hidden hero of the French Resistance. This riveting narrative explores the Nazis use of IBM technology in the census of Jews and automation of the Holocaust—and tells us how Carmille sabotaged the Nazi census, saving the lives of thousands of Jews. A story of resistance and grace.”

—Kathleen Cash

Ed.D. author of Sex, Shame and Violence: A Revolutionary Practice of Public Storytelling in Poor Communities

“This exciting new account of René Carmille’s daring campaign of sabotage tells a story that’s more important now than ever before. In A Quiet Hero we have not only an account of individual heroism, but a compelling look at the dangerous intersection of statistical knowledge and political power.”

—Nick Fox-Gieg

animator, developer and producer of Interregnum

“A Quiet Hero adds a compelling fictionalized chapter, extraordinarily grounded in the facts, that allows the out-sized heroism of punch-card specialist Rene Camille to soar even higher.

—Edwin Black

author of IBM and the Holocaust