ISBN: 978-0-97216-875-5
$2.50 US

In the Heart
of the Hills

A Novel in Stories


From air raid drills in 1942 to the arrival of the Interstate highway in the mid-1950s, a boy, Freddy Lemley, shows us the American experience through the prism of his small West Virginia town. As he faces the struggles to come of age in the post-war years, so his town struggles to adapt to the changes that hover above it like a UFO.

What People Are Saying

“A great read…you do not have to be a West Virginian to connect with it.”

—Neil Bucklew

former president of West Virginia University
“It will appeal to anyone open to recapturing the feel and experience of a long-gone time and place.”

—Goldenseal Magazine

West Virginia Department of Culture and History